We help developers, construction firms, and property managers grow quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.


Process Improvement

  • Evaluate all aspects of operations including business processes, sales and marketing, backoffice operations, systems, and HR practices and make recommendations for improving each area
  • Compare current practices against industry leading practices from both similar and other industries to choose the right solutions for your business
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IT and Systems Transformation

  • Perform analysis of existing systems and evaluate where they should be enhanced, replaced, or more effectively leveraged
  • Develop budgets and roadmaps to phase in changes over a long period of time
  • Select software packages that perform better for employees and provide better, more structured data
  • Implement document management, knowledge management, and workflow solutions (e.g. invoice approval, contract approvals, design signoffs, etc.)
  • Develop custom software to meet needs specific to the development company
  • Systems include finance / ERP, property management, customer-facing systems, CRM, project management, document management, HR self-service, and digital marketing

Organizational Development

  • Evaluate org structure, titles, role descriptions, and reporting lines
  • Build structured, predictable compensation models
  • Develop rigorous HR processes for hiring, HR administration, and separation
  • Build and execute communications strategies for your staff and customers
  • Develop and implement training programs
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  • Evaluate current safety practices and site management standards
  • Develop OSHA-compliant safety manuals, training programs, and documentation procedures
  • Develop and implement training programs for safety at all levels of the construction organization

Our Innovative Market Survey Software

We have the services of a full-service software company at our disposal. As we find needs in the marketplace, we can often build solutions to meet those needs.

Lygato builds the simplest, most elegant software available for small and mid-sized businesses today and it started with solutions for real estate.


Compsy is our solution for making your pricing surveys easier, more reliable, and more  insightful. Along with the simplest user interface which requires no training to learn, Compsy offers target reporting like no other solution available and analytics that help you understand long-term market dynamics. 

With Compsy, you will price your apartments more effectively and be able to move ahead of the market - all for a lower cost than complex rent optimizing solutions.

Market surveys were never so easy and never so insightful.