New Blog Announcement / How CIOs Can Use Big Projects to Drive Their Strategic Brand

As of this week, I officially have two blogs: The one you see here and one at

On this blog, I will continue to focus on a broad range of issues relating to growth, profitability, and technology-driven improvement across the business and continue to make it relevant for smaller and mid-sized organizations as well.

At I will focus on enterprise software specific topics. My agreement with means I cannot post the same content here for a few weeks, but I'll put up short summaries with links on this blog whenever I add something new. Today's inaugural post is for CIOs looking to enhance their strategic brand within the C-suite. 

An excerpt:

Enterprise software implementations are among the most expensive, visible and risky projects you will undertake as a CIO. They are also among the most strategically important and, as such, can help propel the CIO to the role of true strategic adviser to the C-Suite.

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