Don't Buy Complicated Software

In my career implementing enterprise software for companies, there is one constant in every project and with every client:

Simple solutions are adopted faster, used more accurately, and yield better long-term results.

Complicated systems may support complex businesses, but they are also error prone, have very long maturity curves, require an immense amount of training (which has to be repeated whenever you on-board new people), and ultimately have a lower probability of success.

This is even truer for small and mid-sized companies because they don't have personnel to dedicate to a system full-time. This means that you need to choose software that does its job well, takes virtually no training, and requires little maintenance.

And that's why I started Lygato.

Our first product, Compsy solves a problem faced by mid-sized property managers and real estate developers: 

  1. Manual market surveys are ultimately required to price your projects to the market
  2. These surveys are usually stored in Excel, the reporting is difficult to use, and the data can be unreliable
  3. Existing solutions offer a lot of power but are complex, expensive, and provide more information that necessary to make good pricing decisions

Enter Compsy. 

Compsy offers a simple, consistent, standard interface for entering market surveys. It stores all of the data in the same structure, organized in the same way, without anyone needing to think about it or enforce it.

We have easy-to-read screens to store information about fees, amenities, management data, and basic building information.

We combine this information into reports that give you exact comparisons for your vacant and soon-to-be vacant units. Worried about comparing 3rd floor studio pricing to 17th floor 1 bed pricing? We control for that. Need to compare your 1 bedroom units to a building that only offers studios? We can do that. Just the right amount of information, easy to read, and never outdated or irrelevant.

Finally, we take that data that your people are entering on your competitors or are importing on your buildings, and turn this into meaningful charts to compare units over time. Analytics should focus on insight, not unlimited options. We offer charts and visualizations that anyone can understand quickly and use to make a decision.

Compsy is not the most powerful pricing analysis solution out there. We don't have the most data or the most features. We have the right data, the easiest-to-use interface, and provide targeted information and capabilities that are appropriate for mid-sized companies.

Our goal is to make your business easier to run and enable better decisions.

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