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Our Expertise

Whether looking to sustain long-term growth or generate value towards an exit, we know how to create and execute strategies with real results, fast


Strategy Execution

Convert your strategy to a realistic roadmap, define benefits, and measure success

Operations and Technology

Technology-led process improvement to achieve and sustain excellence


Put the right people in the right positions with the right tools and incentives

We offer comprehensive operations and technology due diligence services to identify value creation areas and transaction risk

Our Small Business Services offers high-value consulting with a structure and cost perfect to help you grow and prosper


Our Mission is to Help Mid-Market Owners and Executives Grow their Businesses


RCG's founder, Steve Ronan, left Big-4 consulting in 2015 to pioneer a new consulting approach for mid-sized businesses. Armed with years of experience and a powerful network of partners, Steve made it his mission to bring big-market ideas and methods to mid-market organizations.

Working with RCG means getting access to tools, methodologies, and ideas that drive the Fortune 500's success year after year. We offer them at a cost and complexity that works for your company but still delivers great results.

Email Steve and check out his Blog to see what we're thinking about and how our experience can help you.

The Power of the Network

We bring the team that our clients need, not just the team we have.

We have a deep network of specialists in nearly every discipline including solution-specific technology companies, HR and talent development advisers, investment bankers and consultants, accountants, lawyers, and the list goes on. You will get the right team at the right time for the right cost - every time.

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